Four Day Weekend

   Wow another great week of school, and now that volleyball season started it’s hard to skate and hang out with friends during the week. That’s why presidents weekend was great to catch up with some friends, skate, and have fun.



   On Thursday I went to school like always and after school I had volleyball practice. After volleyball practice I went home and layed in bed for the rest of the day. Thursday ended up being a mellower day.



   I woke up on Friday not knowing what to do since it was raining so hard. We have been having some big storms so skateboarding was out of the picture. I decided going to Cloud 10 trampoline park and it was a lot of fun. I met up with my friend Luke Mendro and we had a great day doing flips and playing dodgeball. My sister ended up going and I nailed her in the stomach with a dodgeball which was really funny, but I felt bad. After a long day of eating junk food, playing dodgeball and doing flips I went home and went to bed.



   I woke up to another very rainy day which was kind of unpleasant since I was missing skateboarding. I didn’t know what to do so I layed in bed for a while until I got a text from my friend Bernardo asking my to go to Skatelab. Skatelab is a giant indoor and outdoor skatepark in Simi Valley and is great to go when it’s raining, or so I thought. We arrived after a hour and thirty minute drive to a giant line out the door. After a long wait we finally got in and got our wristband and went to skate. It was so crowded and really not the best time because there were so many people. It was hard to ride because everyone would get in each other’s way which was very unpleasant. I skated a little ramp which was the least crowded thing in the whole park for the whole day. I learned some new things which was cool, but it was so crowded. We skated for five hours and Bernardo slept over my house. When we got home the sky was clear and so we decided to take pictures. The sun was just setting so we ran to the beach and brought our cameras. We got some cool pictures while the light lasted. When we got home we took some star pictures and after we went to bed. It was a fun day.




   We woke up to more rain that eventually stopped later in the morning. The sun came out, the ground dried, and we headed down to the skatepark. When I arrived we skated for a while with no one there which was very cool. My friend Ryo arrived later and we skated for a long time before we became very hungry. We skated down to Rusty’s got some food and later  we headed back to the skate park for more skating. After a long day of skating I went and slept over my grandma’s house because my parent went to the Bacara to spend the night. Me and my sister played on her rope swing for a while and then went inside and watched a movie and made popcorn. After our movie we went to bed. It was a great day.




   Me and my sister woke up to more rain and so we decided to go to Cloud 10 again. She met up with her friend Lily and I met up with Bernardo and his friend Joe. We stayed at Cloud 10 all day and I taught both of them how to backflip. It was a really great day and knowing I had school the next day I went to bed early. It was a fun four day weekend. Make sure to always make the most of your weekends.


A Wild Weekend

   Wow, what a week. After getting back from Colorado I had a lot of work to make up for all my classes. All my missing work took its toll on me and I definitely was really looking forward to a fun weekend.

I turned my Friday into a lazy day full of laying in bed and watching youtube. Knowing I was going to have a fun filled day of skating on Saturday, I went to bed at ten o’clock. I woke up around nine o’clock and got dressed in some old clothes. I walked out to the kitchen made some pancakes and enjoyed them by the television. After finishing my food, I walked out got my skateboard and rode down to the skate park. After a twenty minutes ride I arrived at the skate park and met up with my friends, Ryo and Charlie. Ryo and I skated the bowl together for a couple of hours and ended up going to Rusty’s with Charlie and Colin for lunch. We came back to the skate park and I took some pictures of Ryo and we skated a lot more. It was a great day.


   On Sunday I woke up around nine o’clock. Knowing church was at eleven o’clock I didn’t have time to lay in bed so I got up right away. I took a shower, got dressed, ate, and brushed my teeth. This took about an hour and a half since I am such a slacker in the morning. After I got in the car and drove to church. When we arrived it was really crowded and hard to find a parking spot, so my mom had to park a block down the street. After walking a block we arrived right on time and took our seat in the back. After church I got my skateboard from the car and rode to the skate park.


   When I arrived at the skate park it was really crowded. When it’s crowded it’s really annoying because there are so many people and you’re always either getting in someone’s way or someone is in your way. This makes it really hard to try to learn tricks since you’re trying to concentrate but the other half of you is saying to look out for other people. I’ve been trying this trick for two days straight and I knew I wanted to try it on Saturday, although it was crowded. Its called a benihana and it’s a really difficult trick to me and it would be amazing to land it. I tried it for two hours straight and ended up not landing it cause I was too scared and the park was crowded. After that I was really tired and took a long break so I could catch my breath. I ended up going downtown to get food at Chipotle and when I came back I saw that Ryo was there. I skated with Ryo for the rest of the day and he motivated me to commit to a trick I have been wanting to land for awhile. Later as we were about to leave this really good skateboarder came to the skate park and he was doing big airs. I decided to take some pictures of him since I’m starting to get into photography. I got some alright ones since I was only using my iPhone, but it was really cool to see how good of a skater he was.


   After a long day weekend of relaxation and skating with friends, I got home and laid in my bed. It felt really nice to just relax and go on my computer. Wow, what a weekend.

A Much Needed Vacation

   School can get very stressful with homework, tests, and especially grades. Its proven that giving the mind a break from school can help one come back more focused and ready to learn. What is a better break from school than a five day ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado with your cousins from Ohio.

  The evening before the trip was very stressful. I had a lot of work to do before I could alleviate all my stress from school and focus on having a fun and relaxing trip. After school I had volleyball practice for two hours which took up a lot of time I needed for packing and homework. After volleyball I had a lot of extra homework I needed to do for the days I would be gone on vacation. On top of that I had to pack all my stuff and get to bed at a decent hour, knowing I would be traveling all day. I ended up getting all my homework and packing done and got to bed at ten o’clock.

  The next day I woke up at seven o’clock and got straight on the road to LAX. When I arrived, we checked are bags in, went through security, and made our way to our gate. After the plane arrived I boarded and took my seat in the back end of the plane. I put my headphones in and turned on my movie, Interstellar, and sat back in my seat. After a short one and a half hour plane ride we arrived in Denver, Colorado. We gathered our bags, got our rental car, and drove another hour and a half to Breckenridge, Colorado. The drive up felt very long because the excitement began building up inside of me. As we drove higher and higher up the mountain you could feel the air getting thinner, and it became harder to breathe. It snowed the whole way up which was very cool since we don’t get to see snow in Santa Barbara, California.

  We finally arrived at out house in Breckenridge, Colorado and anxiously waited for our cousins to get there. When they arrived we greeted them at the door with big hugs and talked for a while. After talking for a while we all went to bed knowing we were going to have a long day on the slopes. I took a shower, hopped into bed, and fell asleep.

  When I woke up I felt a rush of excitement knowing that I was going to learn how to snowboard. I got up quickly, ate breakfast, got my gear on, and got in the car. After a ten minute drive that felt like forever, we arrived at the parking lot. I got my board out of the car and walked over to the gondola to get my lift tickets. The line was long, so I let my parents wait in it and I played on my phone. They came back after ten minutes with lift tickets and I could already feel the excitement rushing through my body.


We got on the gondola after getting our tickets. The gondola took us up to the mountain from the parking lot. When we arrived at the mountain, we walked over to the beginner hill so me and my sister could learn. My dad helped me put on my binding and we got on the lift. As we were going up I knew I was going to fall when we got off, and that made me nervous. When the time came for me to get off I put my back foot on the board and jumped off the life. When hit the ground I fell over and when I popped my head up the lift hit me in the back of the head. It was really funny and embarrassing, but it didn’t hurt since I had a helmet on. After finally getting of the life I got on my other binding and sat there for a minute and took a look at the mountain. I felt ready and having my dad, mom, sister, and cousins by my side.


   My dad went first and showed me the basics on the mountain. I stood up and began to go down and realized how much harder it was than I thought it would be. I could not stop, so I fell to my butt and slid down. After some trial and error I finally figured out how turn and slow down. After a couple more runs on the beginner hill I finally got it and it felt amazing. Later that day my cousins took me up to a black diamond run which is a lot steeper that what I was used to. When I got up to the top it looked scary, but when I started heading down the mountain it was not hard. I carved down the whole mountain and didn’t fall once. It was a great feeling knowing it was my first day and I was already doing an advanced hill. After an amazing day of snowboarding we returned to our house.


 The second day was amazing since it snowed all day. I had to buy some goggles at the snowboard store because it was so hard to see. We snowboarded all day on some great intermediate runs with a lot of fresh snow. After we got back home, I was so sore and tired that I fell asleep after dinner. It was a great day.

  On my last day I felt more confident in myself since I knew that I could do black diamonds. My cousins had a lot of faith in me and new that I could do some bigger runs than I was used too. They took me on the Colorado Super Chair which takes you all the way up to the top of the mountain. After a long ten minute chairlift ride we arrived at the top of the mountain. When I looked at the sign I realized that all the runs down were double black diamonds. This made me feel uncomfortable since I had only been snowboarding for three days. After some second thoughts I realized that I was already up here and the only way down was too snowboard. I put on my boot and went. I carved down the whole mountain and didn’t fall once. It was great to know that I had been snowboarding for three days and already did a did a double black diamond.


    It was a great trip for me because it gave my mind a break from school and allowed me to relax. When I arrived back at school I felt refreshed and ready to learn. A little break from school once in awhile won’t do any harm, but will only help one. Make sure to do something you love on your break.