Four Day Weekend

   Wow another great week of school, and now that volleyball season started it’s hard to skate and hang out with friends during the week. That’s why presidents weekend was great to catch up with some friends, skate, and have fun.



   On Thursday I went to school like always and after school I had volleyball practice. After volleyball practice I went home and layed in bed for the rest of the day. Thursday ended up being a mellower day.



   I woke up on Friday not knowing what to do since it was raining so hard. We have been having some big storms so skateboarding was out of the picture. I decided going to Cloud 10 trampoline park and it was a lot of fun. I met up with my friend Luke Mendro and we had a great day doing flips and playing dodgeball. My sister ended up going and I nailed her in the stomach with a dodgeball which was really funny, but I felt bad. After a long day of eating junk food, playing dodgeball and doing flips I went home and went to bed.



   I woke up to another very rainy day which was kind of unpleasant since I was missing skateboarding. I didn’t know what to do so I layed in bed for a while until I got a text from my friend Bernardo asking my to go to Skatelab. Skatelab is a giant indoor and outdoor skatepark in Simi Valley and is great to go when it’s raining, or so I thought. We arrived after a hour and thirty minute drive to a giant line out the door. After a long wait we finally got in and got our wristband and went to skate. It was so crowded and really not the best time because there were so many people. It was hard to ride because everyone would get in each other’s way which was very unpleasant. I skated a little ramp which was the least crowded thing in the whole park for the whole day. I learned some new things which was cool, but it was so crowded. We skated for five hours and Bernardo slept over my house. When we got home the sky was clear and so we decided to take pictures. The sun was just setting so we ran to the beach and brought our cameras. We got some cool pictures while the light lasted. When we got home we took some star pictures and after we went to bed. It was a fun day.




   We woke up to more rain that eventually stopped later in the morning. The sun came out, the ground dried, and we headed down to the skatepark. When I arrived we skated for a while with no one there which was very cool. My friend Ryo arrived later and we skated for a long time before we became very hungry. We skated down to Rusty’s got some food and later  we headed back to the skate park for more skating. After a long day of skating I went and slept over my grandma’s house because my parent went to the Bacara to spend the night. Me and my sister played on her rope swing for a while and then went inside and watched a movie and made popcorn. After our movie we went to bed. It was a great day.




   Me and my sister woke up to more rain and so we decided to go to Cloud 10 again. She met up with her friend Lily and I met up with Bernardo and his friend Joe. We stayed at Cloud 10 all day and I taught both of them how to backflip. It was a really great day and knowing I had school the next day I went to bed early. It was a fun four day weekend. Make sure to always make the most of your weekends.


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