Weekend With Friends


Finally finished another week of school. It was only a four day week so it flew by really fast. After school I had volleyball practice which took up the rest of my day. I couldn’t skate after since practice ended at 5:00 so I ended up going home and laying in bed.



I woke up at 8:00 and laid in bed for a while. I had to get up because I had a volleyball scrimmage at 9:15. After getting ready my mom drove me to Santa Barbara High School and dropped me off. We played a lot of volleyball and ended up winning three out of our four games. It was good to know that our team was really beginning to flow together. After my scrimmage ended I skated down to the skatepark from the high school which took about fifteen minutes. When I arrived I met up with my friends Ryo and Bernardo. I skated till around 4:00 and my friend Bernardo ended up coming to my house to sleepover. We arrived at my house at 4:15 and we decided to go take some pictures at Thousand Steps Beach. I live right next to it, so we got our cameras and walked to the beach. We took picture for about an hour until it got dark and then we walked back to my house. My mom then drove us down to the harbor to take some more picture for about an hour. We ended up leaving after an hour because we had skated all day and we were very tired and hungry. When we got home we ate dinner and played video games till 10:00 and then we went to bed.





We woke up on Sunday and my mom said we were going to church so I got ready. We drove to church with our skateboards in the car. Church lasts about an hour and is very close to the skatepark, so after Bernardo and I skated to the skatepark from church. We arrived and I skated the bowl for a long time and learned some new stuff and then my friend Charlie showed up. We skated together and it was really fun. Charlie has a blog to and it’s called Daquan VS The World and he asked me to come over and help him with it. I ended up leaving the skatepark and went to Charlie’s house and we took some pictures for his blog. He also just got a new baby German Shepherd and he is so cute, so we played with him in the yard for a while. Later we went to the YMCA to play volleyball for two hours and after my mom picked me up with some food. She got me a noodle dish from the Noodle Bar at the Public Market. It was amazing and probably one of the best noodle dishes I have had in awhile. After eating I was very tired and ended up going to bed at 9:00. What a great weekend! Always make the most of your weekends and try to relieve all your stress by doing something you love.




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