A weekend filled with volleyball and photography!


I went to school on Friday, like always. After school I had volleyball practice which ended up going an hour over, in preparation for our tournament on Saturday. After practice I went to the beach to take some pictures because the sunset looked very beautiful. I stayed there for an hour and watch the sun sent into the horizon. It was very beautiful and I only could take photos with my iPhone because my camera battery was dead. After the sunset I walked home and had dinner with my family. I felt really tired after dinner so I went to bed at eight o’clock. I had to wake up at five o’clock the next morning to go to a all day volleyball tournament in Valencia.


I woke up at five o’clock in the morning and I was really tired. My dad dropped me off at the MAD Academy because our team was meeting there. When I arrived I got in Elliot Bettles car and we got on the road to Valencia. Elliot and I were very hungry and hadn’t eaten breakfast, so we stopped at Mcdonalds and got egg mcmuffins. We then got back on the road and I put in my headphones and fell asleep listening to Coldplay’s first album “Parachutes.” When we arrived in Valencia it was seven o’clock and very cold. We walked into the gym and were surprised how many teams there were. We saw San Marcos, Mira Costa, Valencia, Royale, etc… After we warmed up had are first game against Royale and ended up going to a third game. I served eight points in a row and ended up helping are team win. The next game we played San Marcos and we ended up losing both the games to them. After that game we had a break and our team ate lunch together and we all hung out. After about an hour of relaxing we had to play another game against Valencia and we won. Since we lost to San Marcos we got dropped to the lower division. After meaningless games in the lower division we ended up getting 9th out of 15 teams. Although this wasn’t the result we wanted it was our first tournament together and we knew we had many more to come. After a long drive home, we ended up getting home at around five o’clock and I went down to the train tracks near my house to take some pictures. After about twenty minutes I felt tired and went to bed. What a great day.


I woke up late on Sunday because I was tired from my tournament. When I woke up I went to church with my parents and then I went to the skatepark. I skated alone for about two hours because none of my friends were there. My friend Chase texted me and said he was near by and was wondering if he could stop in and say hi. When he arrived we ended up going to Habit and then we wanted to go play beach volleyball. We called up my friends Charlie and Luke and we all met at East Beach. We played volleyball till dark and we were all very tired. I got home at six o’clock and ended up going to the harbor to take some more pictures. I got a really good picture and had an amazing weekend. Always have fun on your time off from school.



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