More Volleyball, Photography, and Skating


I woke up and went to school as always. After school ended I had volleyball practice from 2 to 4:30. After practice ended my friends Chase and Luke wanted to come over my house and hang out. I asked my mom and she ended up saying no because she was sick and my dad just got home from a business trip. Luke ended up going with Chase to his house and I went home to my house. When I got home walked to the living room and laid on the couch. I ended up playing Skate 3 on my Playstation for 1 hour because I was very tired. I then got a text from Luke that said he was at my house with Chase. I didn’t believe him, but I went outside in curiosity. When I got outside I saw Luke and Chase and I ended up hanging out with them. We walked to Thousand Steps Beach and I took some pictures and then we walked home. When we got back to my house, we got in Chase’s car and drove to Mesa Burger. We had a great meal and after Chase dropped me off at home around 8:00. I ended up going to bed at 8:30 because I had a volleyball tournament in Simi Valley the next day. What a great day.



   My dad woke me up at 5:00 in the morning because I had to be at the flagpole at Santa Barbara High School at 5:30. I drove with Charlie and Luke to the tournament. Our tournament started at 7:00 and we had to leave right away to make it to Simi Valley on time. We ended up stopping at a Starbucks and getting breakfast. When we arrived in Simi Valley it was very cold. We walked into the gym and got right into our first game against Simi Valley. We ended up tying one game to one game since the first matches in pool play didn’t go to third game. The next game we played Laguna Beach and ended up winning both sets. After, we played Arroyo Grande and ended up winning the first match of the set and losing the second. We had the second most wins in our pool which meant we were moving up to the gold division. In the gold division it’s single elimination so if you lose your out of the tournament. We played Royale and they had won their pool with the most wins. We were really hyped up and wanted to win. We ended up winning both sets and didn’t need to go to a third game. We were really excited and since we beat Royale we were moved up into the semi-finals. We played West Lake in the semi-final and ended up winning the first set and losing the second. In the third set we lost 16-14 which was very sad since we were winning the entire set. We got fourth in the tournament which was really good for us since we just started playing volleyball together as a team. After the tournament ended we stopped a In-N-Out and got burgers. We then drove home and ended up arriving at home around 8:00 at night. I was very tired when I got home so I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and went to bed. It was a great day of volleyball.



I woke up at 10:00 in the morning. We couldn’t go to church because my mom had to pick my sister up from her friend Emma’s house. We ended up watching church at home since they broadcast it live on their website. After church ended I skated down to the skatepark and met up with my friends Ryo, Bernardo, and Steven. We skated for two hours and then Steven and I went to State Street to get lunch. We got Chipotle and after I got a text from my dad telling me he was picking me up. I had to go to my Grandma’s 72 year birthday dinner a Cadario. I went home, showered, got dressed in nice clothes, and drove to Cadario with my family. The food was really good and after we got home, I grabbed my camera and went to the beach. I took some ok pictures of the sunset and got a good star picture in the dark. When I got home I finished my homework and went to bed. It was a great weekend and remember to always make the most of your weekends by doing what you love.


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