Spring Break Part Two!


I woke up early on Friday because I made plans to play volleyball at East Beach. I ate breakfast and then my mom drove me down to East Beach. I brought my skateboard with me because I knew I would go skating after volleyball. When I arrived I met up with Charlie, Jack, and Ethan. We played four hours of volleyball until the wind picked up and decided to call it a day. We then went to Blenders and got smoothies together. After we split up, Charlie ended up going to the skatepark with me. We skated all day and then I got picked up around six o’clock in the evening. When I got home I went to the forest near my house to take some pictures because the sky was very clear and the stars looked good. I got some good star pictures and then I walked home. When I got home I took some more star pictures in my front yard and then went to bed. What a great day.


I woke up late at ten o’clock in the morning. I laid in bed for thirty minutes and then got up. I took a shower, got dressed, ate, brushed my teeth, and skated down to the skatepark. When I arrived I met up with my friend Charlie and Tanner again at the skatepark. I skated with him for two hours and then we got hungry so we went downtown. We took the trolley up to mid-state and got out. We went to Chipotle and got burritos and after we ate them we took the trolley back to the skatepark. When we got back, we skated till dark and then I got picked up. I then went to take pictures again at Thousand Steps Beach. After I went home, I hung out with my family and ate dinner. Then I sat by the fire for awhile and watched TV. Then I went to bed.


Sunday was my friend Luna’s birthday and she decided to take me and her other friend on a skate trip around Southern California. She picked me up at 8:30 in the morning and we got on the road. Our first stop was Pedlo Skatepark in Los Angeles. We skated there for two hours and it was really fun. I didn’t get any clips because it was really crowded. After we left he headed to the COVE which is a private skatepark in Santa Monica. It was a really awesome skatepark and was not crowded at all. We skated there for three hours because it was so good and there was so much to do. Later we went to Venice skatepark and skated there for three hours. It was very fun, but very crowded. After we left we stopped at Taco Bell and then drove home. What a weekend! Always have fun on your time off from school.



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