Weekend at the Fair!


Friday I went to school as usual. During fourth period my teacher told the class that we had an LEQ essay due on Monday. This really bummed me out because I really wanted to have a weekend to do whatever I wanted, but I had to spend some time writing an essay. After school I went to volleyball practice and supported my team since my wrist is still broken. My coach informed me that we had a tournament on Saturday and I would have to attend and support my team. After practice I went home and went to the fair and met up with my friend Luke. We stayed at the fair from 7 o’clock all the way until 11 o’clock at night. It was really fun and when I got home the stars look beautiful so I got my camera and took some pictures before I went to bed.


Saturday I woke up at 9 o’clock because I had to be at the tournament at 10 o’clock because my team’s first game was then. When I arrived I watch my team play against West Ranch they ended up winning one and losing one. Since it was a tournament it didn’t go to a third game so they ended up tying with West Ranch. After a lot more games of winning and losing my team ended up making it to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals we played Mira Costa and ended up losing both of our games because they are very good. After we lost, we played West Ranch again in the semi-finals and ended up beating them and taking third place in the tournament.  Mira Costa ended up beating Dos Pueblos in the finals and winning the tournament. After the tournament I headed home and since the skies were clear again I ended up taking more pictures because the stars looked so beautiful.


Sunday I went down to East Beach to play volleyball with my dad and his friends but since I have a cast I watched most of the games and played with my cast in a couple. After I hung out with my mom and sister and went downtown to go shopping and eat lunch. After we got home I wrote my essay for AP World History and after I finished I relax for the rest the night with my family. What a great weekend! Always make the most of your weekends.


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