New Puppy!


On Friday I went’ to school as usual. I ended up leaving school at lunch and went to my sister’s school play. The play was, “Theseus and the Minotaur” and my sister played the Minotaur. My family and I watched the whole play and it was very funny and entertaining. I also go a new dog. It’s called a teacup dog and it’s a Shih Tzu. It’s only on and a half pounds and will only be about three pounds. Its very cute and playful and I ended up playing wit my dog for the rest of the night. Later I laid in bed and watched, “The Office” for a couple of hours and then I went to bed around 12 o’clock in the evening. What a fun day.


Saturday I woke up and ate breakfast. Then I got a text from my friends Luke and Chase asking if they could come over and hang out. When they arrived at my house we ended up eating food and playing video games for a while. After that Chase had to go get a haircut and Luke and I played more video games till he got back. Chase ended up going home and Luke stayed till about four o’clock in the evening. After he left my family and I made whole made sushi rolls. We bought fresh crab, ahi, seaweed, rice, avocado, and cucumber. The sushi rolls turned out very good and were very filling. After dinner Chase came back over my house and we played a lot more video games. He ended up staying till ten o’clock at night and then he drove home. After he left I watched another episode of, “The Office” and then went to bed.


Sunday I woke up and wished my mom a happy Mother’s Day. We went to church at nine o’clock and after church we ended up going to breakfast with my grandma and grandpa. We went to Jineane’s and we all ate a lot of food. After breakfast my sister and I went to my grandma’s house and played on her rope swing for a while. After that my sister and I went home and our family went to the Bacara for dinner. After dinner we came home and we watched TV as a family. After watching TV I went to bed. What a fun weekend. Always make the most of your weekends.



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