Pets and Friends


On Friday I went to school as usual. After school I went home and studied for my final test for AP World History. After studying I hung out with my family for the rest of the night and then later I laid in bed for a while. After watching a lot of YouTube videos I went to bed.


Saturday I woke up at 8 o’clock because my AP World History final was at 9 o’clock in the morning. When I arrived at the school I went into the classroom and took my test. First we took the multiple-choice part of the test and it was very difficult. Then we took the short answer question of the test and it was less difficult. Then we had a 15 minute break in between test and I hung out with my friends. After our break I took the essay part of the test and I wrote my long essay question. It wasn’t very hard, but the multiple-choice was the hardest part. After the test my friend Luke came over to my house and we played video games for the rest of the day. We also hung out with all my pets. He ended up sleeping over my house and we went to McDonalds at 11 o’clock at night to get ice cream. When we got home we went to bed. What a day.


On Sunday my friend Luke left in the morning because his mom wanted him home. My family and I watched church on a live stream on TV. After watching church I went downtown with my mom for the rest of the day and we had lunch and walked around. When we got home we had dinner and then I hung out with my family for the rest of the night. We watched T.V by the fire place and also ate dinner. My mom made very good pasta and we all enjoyed it. After dinner I hung out with my mom and we watched the Amazing Race. It is a very good show and I really enjoyed it. What a fun weekend. Always make the most of your weekend.


A Wild Weekend

   Wow, what a week. After getting back from Colorado I had a lot of work to make up for all my classes. All my missing work took its toll on me and I definitely was really looking forward to a fun weekend.

I turned my Friday into a lazy day full of laying in bed and watching youtube. Knowing I was going to have a fun filled day of skating on Saturday, I went to bed at ten o’clock. I woke up around nine o’clock and got dressed in some old clothes. I walked out to the kitchen made some pancakes and enjoyed them by the television. After finishing my food, I walked out got my skateboard and rode down to the skate park. After a twenty minutes ride I arrived at the skate park and met up with my friends, Ryo and Charlie. Ryo and I skated the bowl together for a couple of hours and ended up going to Rusty’s with Charlie and Colin for lunch. We came back to the skate park and I took some pictures of Ryo and we skated a lot more. It was a great day.


   On Sunday I woke up around nine o’clock. Knowing church was at eleven o’clock I didn’t have time to lay in bed so I got up right away. I took a shower, got dressed, ate, and brushed my teeth. This took about an hour and a half since I am such a slacker in the morning. After I got in the car and drove to church. When we arrived it was really crowded and hard to find a parking spot, so my mom had to park a block down the street. After walking a block we arrived right on time and took our seat in the back. After church I got my skateboard from the car and rode to the skate park.


   When I arrived at the skate park it was really crowded. When it’s crowded it’s really annoying because there are so many people and you’re always either getting in someone’s way or someone is in your way. This makes it really hard to try to learn tricks since you’re trying to concentrate but the other half of you is saying to look out for other people. I’ve been trying this trick for two days straight and I knew I wanted to try it on Saturday, although it was crowded. Its called a benihana and it’s a really difficult trick to me and it would be amazing to land it. I tried it for two hours straight and ended up not landing it cause I was too scared and the park was crowded. After that I was really tired and took a long break so I could catch my breath. I ended up going downtown to get food at Chipotle and when I came back I saw that Ryo was there. I skated with Ryo for the rest of the day and he motivated me to commit to a trick I have been wanting to land for awhile. Later as we were about to leave this really good skateboarder came to the skate park and he was doing big airs. I decided to take some pictures of him since I’m starting to get into photography. I got some alright ones since I was only using my iPhone, but it was really cool to see how good of a skater he was.


   After a long day weekend of relaxation and skating with friends, I got home and laid in my bed. It felt really nice to just relax and go on my computer. Wow, what a weekend.